Connectalent Helps Companies Achieve More Diversity with Jasmine Silver

 Adam Torres and Jasmine Silver discuss Connectalent. 

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Show Notes:

Connecticut-based recruiting company, Connectalent, focuses on female talent and flexible opportunities. Most of their candidates are mothers re-entering the workforce after a career break or commuters looking for opportunities closer to home. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jasmine Silver, Co-Founder and Director of Operations at Connectalent, explore how Connectalent is helping companies achieve more diversity while focusing mainly on female talent. 

About Connectalent

At Connectalent, the mission is to empower stay at home professionals to re-employ their skills in the job market, and to provide employers with access to an untapped and highly qualified talent pool. We also help working professionals find new and exciting local opportunities. Connectalent are invested in helping the community and are proud to work with so many similarly committed businesses.