Conversation With Craig Clapper; Expert On Reliability, and Safety Culture Improvement

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We discuss the importance of Safety Culture and its impact on reliability in this episode of The Power of Why podcast. 

Craig Clapper is the founder and principal engineer of Reliability for Life Group, a consulting group specializing in improving human performance in complex systems using evidence-based methods derived from high-reliability organizations. 

Craig has 30 years of experience improving power, transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare reliability. He specializes in failure analysis, event analysis, reliability improvement, and safety culture improvement. Craig has led safety culture transformation engagements for Duke Energy, the US Department of Energy, ABB, Westinghouse, Framatome ANP, Sentara Healthcare, Sharp Healthcare, and others. Before R4L.

Craig was the Chief Knowledge Officer of Healthcare Performance Improvement (HPI), the Chief Operating Officer of HPI, the Chief Operating Officer of Performance Improvement International, Vice President of Failure Prevention Inc (FPI), Systems Engineering Manager for Hope Creek Nuclear Generating Station, and Systems Engineering Manager for Palo Verde Nuclear Generation Station.

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