Conversation with Jenny Martin of Yoga Brain Kansas City Missouri

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In this episode, Host Eric (Gus) and Jenny Martin, Director of Operations at Yoga Brain., Discuss among many topics, including the hosting of Yoga Brains Summer Yoga Festive in St. Joseph’s, Missouri, this September. Other topics include:

  • The rise of the Sober Curious movement and yoga.
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Making money and teaching yoga.
  • What it is like trying to organize a yoga festival

Tickets can be purchased using the link below.

Yoga Brain is a collaboration of teachers, healers, and life-long students normalizing meditation with donation-based classes and affordable events. Yoga Brain diversifies its audience by welcoming students of all races, ages, and physical abilities. Based in Kansas City, Missouri. We strive to normalize meditation and ask the question: What is yoga?

According to Patanjali, it’s a whole lot more than a pose (asana). We’re more than a class – we’re a community. Perpetuating education and welcoming newcomers with open hearts and arms.

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