Conversations with Everyday people (Matt Lockwood)

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Eric Perowsky and his dog Gus (Gus sleeps, Eric sits). Have a conversation  with his friend Matt Lockwood. Eric happened to send a link to his recent podcast episode and Matt immediately replied “I can not believe your timing, I am just going through something financially!” This episode is a result of that synchronicity 

Eric can be reached :

Eric Perowsky

Personal Development Coach

Yoga Informed Recovery Coach


[email protected] 

Matt can be reached at [email protected]

Some of the links discussed 



Tara Brach book

Commencement speech on wearing sunscreen (highlights only) 

Class Of 99; Wear Sunscreen

Zach Efron Down To Earth on Netflix

Down to Earth with Zac Efron | Official Trailer | Netflix

Bruce Springsteen: Badlands | Lyrics

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