Converting Data to Dollars with Tarush Aggarwal

Adam Torres and Tarush Aggarwal discuss getting value from data. 

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Show Notes:

Many companies are “sitting on” valuable data that they can’t seem to get real value from. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Tarush Aggarwal, Founder & CEO at 5x, explore how 5x is helping companies harvest their valuable data to fuel growth.     

About 5x

5x gives you everything you need to convert data to $$. The goal is to commoditize data engineering. We are interested in letting companies leverage data to make business decisions. 5x can do this faster, cheaper and with higher quality than an in-house team or any consultancy. 90% of companies today get no value from data. That’s because the existing data tools require companies to have the technical expertise to set them up. For the majority of companies they do not have the expertise to bring on and manage technical data talent.

5x provides the modern data stack setup in hours, not months, dedicated data engineers as well as support from our in-house team of highly experienced silicon valley veterans.