Cost-reduction Assistance and Small Business Benefits

Adam Torres and Patrick Laing discuss certainty for small businesses.

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Show Notes:  

Certainty Management LLC. is a cost-reduction assistance and small business benefits firm with an expertise in raising zero-cost funding for nonprofits. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Patrick Laing, CEO and Managing Partner at Certainty Management LLC. explore Certainty Management and the new book Patrick will release with Mission Matters. 

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About Patrick Laing

As CEO of Certainty Management, Patrick and his team help their clients enjoy greater certainty by helping protect them and their personnel through Smart Map security app work and their deep-discount business benefits (including medical/dental/vision and mental health coverage, even for 1099’s). They also help improve their profitability through their proprietary cost-reduction service, and they help recover their 2019-20 payroll taxes as part of the COVID CARES ACT Employee Retention Tax Credit. They use their cost-reduction expertise to help nonprofits raise free funding.

He spent the last 30+ years in sales and business/management, and spent nine years with the U.S. Army, most of it in counter-intelligence/terrorism, held a top-secret security clearance for several years, and also served as a linguist (in Italian). A graduate of Brigham Young University (Provo), a former instructor with Dale Carnegie Sales, an author, speaker, and radio show host of the VoiceAmerica Business talk show, “Finding Certainty,” He also taught Italian at the world-renowned MTC in Provo, Utah for 3 years.

Patrick’s greatest joys are his wife, his five children, the team and company they are building, and the ways in which they are helping their nonprofit partners raise unlimited zero-cost funding. (That, and fly fishing a few cold mountain trout streams each year).

About Certainty Management

At Certainty Management, they help create Profit with Purpose. They help their clients lower costs, recover past expenses and taxes/federal funding, protect their personnel, and attract and retain talent with deep-discount health coverage for employees, independent contractors, sole proprietors, and even part-time or seasonal workers. Additionally, they use their proven cost-reduction expertise to help raise zero-cost funding for nonprofits. They also donate a percentage of every job they do for you to your school, church, or other nonprofit organization of choice.