Cost Reduction on Daily Operational Expenses

Adam Torres and Denis Tan discuss cost reduction for small business owners.

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Show Notes:

Many small businesses would benefit from cost reduction on daily operational expenses. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Denis Tan, Franchise Owner & Strategic-Partner at Schooley Mitchell, explore how Denis’ team is helping small business owners reduce operational expenses.

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About Schooley Mitchell

Simply put, they save businesses of all sizes money on their various service-related expenses. If they don’t find savings, they don’t charge a fee. If they  do find savings, our fee is a shared portion of those savings. They find savings in any/all of the following categories: Telecom, Merchant Services, Small Package Shipping, Waste, Electronic Logging Devices, Utilities, E-Signature, and Fuel – an average of 28%. With a network of over 200 franchise locations across North America, their unbiased and objective approach ensures their clients receive the best possible prices and services to meet their needs. they has no agreements with service providers, nor do they consultants receive bonuses from any of the vendors we work with.