Councilman Joe Jones Increase of Superiority

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How often are elected officials readily available to talk, listen, help others and lead by example? Elevate yourself, others and the community through leadership and networking. With confidence and humility, beating the odds is inevitable. Increasing your superiority without strategically planning is a setup for failure. Grab a pen and notebook, and get ready for this explosive energy! Councilman Joe Jones is spreading love, the gospel and hope throughout our city. 

Councilman Jones is a life-long resident of Cleveland’s Ward 1 community. He graduated from Aviation High School, where he was active as a student leader and became involved in local politics.

Councilman Jones attended Cuyahoga Community College and Cleveland State University, studying business and political science. As a young man, he actively participated in Democratic politics, working as a grassroots organizer for U.S. Congressman Louis Stokes and volunteering for various Democratic campaigns. At age 27, Councilman Jones made his first successful bid for a seat on City Council. During his first seven years in public office, Councilman Jones helped to secure more than $100 million in new development projects in Ward 1.

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