CPP Certified Persuasion Professional Program with Patrick Renvoise

Adam Torres and Patrick Renvoise discuss the CPP program.

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Show Notes:

The Certified Persuasion Professional (CPP) program is providing opportunities for senior level executives to gain a unique body of knowledge based on neuroscience. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Patrick Renvoise, Chief Neuromarketing Officer and Co Founder at SalesBrain, explore how the CPP program is preparing consultants and executives.

About SalesBrain

SalesBrain is the first neuromarketing  company using a scientific model –a model based on neuroscience or how the brain works– to help corporations increase sales. This model has been published in 12 languages and over 100,000 business executives including 10,000 CEO have been trained to:

* Scientifically Capture
* Scientifically Convince
* Scientifically Close.

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