Crafting an Authentic Personal Brand that ‘feels’ Real with Jen Dalton

Adam Torres and Jen Dalton explore personal branding.

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Show Notes:

Creating an authentic personal brand has become increasingly important. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jen Dalton, Founder & CEO of BrandMirror, explore what CEOs, business owners and executives should be considering when it comes to their personal brands.

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About BrandMirror

BrandMirror, founded by Jennifer Dalton, is focused on delivering timely, relevant, and value-add marketing strategy and brand development for individuals, start-ups, and existing businesses.

BrandMirror creates a structured approach to understand your current reputation and identify your best self and how to present it. They work with individuals in various stages of their life – career transition, starting up their own company, leading organizations – with the singular focus on gaining clarity of purpose and moving the needle on your brand and your impact.