Creating a Career that You Love with Rachel K. Cross

Adam Torres and Rachel Kumar Cross discuss career creation.

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Show Notes:

Who wants to create a career they love? Most people would raise their hands if asked this question. However, how many of us know exactly how to accomplish this goal? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Rachel K. Cross, Chief Marketing Sherpa at Rachel K Group, explore what it takes to create a career that’s both long lasting and enriching.

About Rachel Kumar Cross 

She is a Business coach that is passionate about helping full-time professionals launch freelance businesses to experience more freedom, flexibility, and joy in all areas of their lives. Highly accomplished marketing professional with results-driven track record of directing domestic and international brand launches, marketing campaigns, teams, and agencies that optimize awareness and engagement. Innovative problem solver who is passionate about developing people.

About Rachel K Group

The mission of Rachel K Group is to provide unique marketing consulting and project management services for nonprofits and small businesses. We partner with our clients to understand their goals and execute targeted marketing campaigns to help meet those objectives.  We strive to deliver excellence while maintaining unparalleled client relationships. We are most interested in working with organizations whose mission it is to serve others through services or products designed to improve lives.

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