Creating a “Dog Lifestyle” Brand with Jon Kurtz

Adam Torres and Jon Kurtz explore Dog is Good.

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Show Notes:

Dog is Good has become a “go to” lifestyle brand for people who love their dogs. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Jon Kurtz, Co-founder & CEO at Dog is Good, explore the Dog is Good journey.

About Dog is Good

They are an award-winning lifestyle brand for dog lovers. They KNOW A Dog Can Change The Way You See the World!  The impact of the dog-human relationship is so powerful it inspires dog lovers to share who they are as a dog lover with the rest of the world. Dog is Good messaging helps them convey “how great they feel when they’re with Dog”​. They create original gifts, home decor and apparel products for the PEOPLE who love their dogs. They also license the brand which extends their reach into many more products to serve the customer. As well as set up experiential Pop-Up shops all across the country!

They deliver messaging that resonates immediately with dog lovers who shop at your store.  Known for their use of humor, poignant sentiments and sophisticated designs, they promise:

1. Customers will say : “OMG – that’s so me!”​
2. The brand will create an emotional response because it reminds them how great it feels to be with Dog
3. To deliver high quality products and exceptional customer care

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