Creating Content that Connects with Osahon Tongo

Adam Torres and Osahon Tongo discuss content creation.

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Show Notes:

Connecting with the right audience has never been more important for brands than now. How does a brand stick out from the crowd while maintaining authenticity? In this episode,  Adam Torres and Osahon Tongo, Founder of Creative Coup Production Co., explore what it takes to create meaningful content that has the power to move an audience.

About Osahon Tongo 

Osahon Tongo is a Nigerian-American writer-director based in Los Angeles, California. An accomplished writer, Tongo has written feature films for Rabbit Bandini Productions and Significant Productions. As a director, the film Happy Bird screened at Cannes Short Corner, The Chinese Theater, The Skirball Cultural Center through and earned him the honor of being one of the inaugural Ryan Murphy Half Foundation Directing Fellows where he shadowed on the show Scream Queens. He is the writer of the award-winning short film Iman And The Light Warriors that premiered at HBO’s ABFF Festival and has screened at film festivals around the world.

Tongo has written scripts for a series for Snapchat/NBC Indigo. In 2018 he produced a VR180 project called “Greenwood Avenue” for Google’s Creators Lab. In 2017 he worked as a cinematographer on Jesse Williams and Hank Willis Thomas’ Question Bridge installation that premiered in the African American Smithsonian Museum. Tongo creates inspiring short documentaries for Notre Dame’s Grotto Network. Tongo holds an MFA from USC School of Cinematic Arts film production program and a BS in Management from Georgia Tech. While at Tech, Tongo was a scholarship football player and played linebacker/defensive end and finished his career winning the ACC Championship in 2009 and playing in the Orange Bowl.

A social activist, he lobbied for college athletics policy reform with the National College Players Association; where he spoke to congressmen and women to get the Student Athlete’s right to know act signed and the scholarship shortfall bill introduced. Tongo is a public speaker who shares his passion for storytelling, leadership, social justice, and the intersectionality of sports, media, and culture. He is an advocate for mental health and wellness and weaves those themes into his work because he believes that cinema is an excellent tool for positive change.

Tongo is an auteur filmmaker who’s cinematic voice navigates action-filled drama, surrealist comedy, and poetic cinema with succinct pragmatism and elegant simplicity. He believes that cinema has the power to heal with empathy. Tongo has the purpose of bringing light into the world by expressing complex emotions so that viewers can commune with their souls and revel in the auspicious fragility of human existence. The goal is to give people a unique perspective that shows strength through understanding of self. 

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