Creating Engaging Presentations Using Visme with Payman Taei

Adam Torres and Payman Taei discuss how Visme improves presentations.

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Show Notes:

  • Creating presentations
  • Graphic design
  • Interactive presentations 

    Do you know a little about design but want to take your content to the next level? Well learning advanced software can be time consuming. What if there was another way? In this episode, Adam Torres and Payman Taei, Founder of Visme, discuss how Visme can improve design results without the headache of learning advanced software.

About Payman Taei

I’m an avid technologist. I love new trends and try to keep up with the ever-evolving internet. My background in Biology has led me to truly believe in the art of evolution. Everything changes in time. You either follow or create new trends or will be left behind.

I Started HindSite Interactive with a mere $170 to pay my way through College and over last 16 years my team and I have worked with over 300 companies large and small from all walks of life.

Frustrated with the lack easy-to-use tools to empower non-designers to speak visually, I went on to create Visme, the “Swiss Knife of Visual Content” bootstrapped to profitability within 18 months of launch and now used by over 1.8 million businesses, non-profits and individuals from over 100 countries including NASA, IBM, Manpower, and NBCUniversal helping to improve the way ideas are visualized into engaging Presentations, Infographics and other forms of visual content.

About Visme

Visme is an intuitive online platform with a mission to allow anyone to easily visualize their ideas into engaging presentations, infographics, animations, product demonstrations and more.    

It’s entirely based on HTML5 and runs on any browser with simple easy to use drag and drop functions that require no experience.    Over 225,000 businesses, individuals and organizations use Visme to create better content.Our

Culture and Philosophy:

While our user base is growing, we organically grow our team at a slow stable base to ensure we don’t sacrifice quantity over quality.   Our culture is sparked from a deep understanding of user experience and design combined with engineering driven by our mission to simplify and democratize visual content for everyone, not just designers. 

Running a dedicated small but focused team allows us to turn trends and ideas into reality in fraction of a time of our competitors.   We thrive on user feedback and make decisions that are to the benefit of the user; be it new features and improvements or changes in our operation.

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