Creating Plant-based Sustainable Period Products with Thyme Sullivan

Adam Torres and Thyme Sullivan discuss TOP the organic project. 

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Show Notes:

Plant-based sustainable period products are a better alternative for the environment than some of the products on the market today. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Thyme Sullivan, Co-Founder & CEO at TOP the organic project, explore the growth of TOP the organic project and raising capital.     

About TOP the organic project

TOP was born when, as mothers of daughters do, we searched for organic period products that were healthy for our girls and the environment—and came away empty-handed.

Our mission is to educate, enlighten, and be our authentic selves so that every girl and woman on the planet has access to healthy, 100% organic, eco-loving tampons and pads. And every step of the way, we’ll inspire stigma-shattering conversations about periods.