Creating Wealth for Real Estate Investors

Adam Torres and Larry Dorfman Creating Wealth for Real Estate Investors.

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Show Notes:

Roots is a real estate investment company with a business model that creates wealth for its investors and property residents simultaneously. In this episode Adam Torres interviewed Larry Dorfman, Co-Founder and Partner at Roots Real Estate Investment Community. Explore the Roots Real Estate Investment Community model and how it’s creating wealth generating “win win” real estate solutions.

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About Larry Dorfman

Larry and his team built an incredible team of humans who are totally aligned and committed to driving excellent returns in residential real estate investment for all our investors, including the Residents who live in our homes and can build equity side by side with us and, in many cases, have their first opportunity to build real wealth. 

About Invest with Roots

Roots creates a unique investing ecosystem where commerce meets community. They see a world where those who have the resources to invest can make excellent returns while creating an opportunity for those who have never had the chance to own real estate to build wealth simply by being a good Resident and partner in the property they rent. Today American renters barely make enough to survive, much less save. ROOTS Residents can become owners and partners the day they move in with zero out-of-pocket investment. ROOTS is real-life proof of the concept that commercial endeavors can create positive community impact.