Creating Win Win Solutions to Defaulted Mortgages with Bill Bymel

Adam Torres and Bill Bymel discuss defaulted mortgages.

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Show Notes:

Defaulted mortgage investing is a market that is often misunderstood. When win-win scenarios are created, homeowners can often benefit greatly along with investors. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Bill Bymel, Managing Director at Spurs Capital and Author of Win Win Revolution, explore how homeowners working with the right company can benefit through win win scenarios created by defaulted mortgage investors.

About Bill Bymel 

Bill Bymel is focused on multiple aspects of the real estate and mortgage industry. Founder of NPN Capital Partners & First Lien Investment LLC, a private equity real estate and mortgage investment firm offering independent investors access to the secondary mortgage market and LP opportunities in commercial re-development and/or distressed residential real estate.

As an Managing Director of Spurs Capital, Bill manages a $100 million portfolio on non-performing and performing residential mortgage loans as well as REO fix-n-flip residential properties and has been personally responsible for the acquisition, management, and liquidation of over $300 million in real estate investments since 2012. He added an additional role in Business Development and has been responsible for procuring over $50 million of additional equity investments in its NPL strategy.

As Founder of RSI Asset Management LLC, Bill built a team of loss mitigators, REO Brokers, loan servicing agents, property managers and vendors as they represent corporate and independent investors in the acquisition, mitigation, and disposition of residential and commercial mortgage loans and its underlying real estate.

About Spurs Capital, LLC

Spurs Capital, LLC (“Spurs”) is a New York-based investment management firm focused on investments in, and servicing of, seasoned residential mortgage loans. Spurs was founded in February 2008 by a team of veteran mortgage professionals all of whom have extensive experience in pricing, due diligence, servicing, and restructuring of distressed residential mortgage assets.  Spurs was created to address the current dislocation in the residential mortgage whole loan and structured products market, as a long-term investor in the most credit sensitive sectors of that market.

Spurs has established a distinguished reputation and track record in the finance industry since its inception and serves the all participants in the industry which include large, mid-sized and small companies. Spurs’s goal is to provide solutions to both financial institutions and borrowers currently under stress. We intend to establish long-term relationships in order to make a positive contribution to the resolution of the current market dislocation and the eventual re-emergence of a stronger, healthier mortgage market. For financial institutions, Spurs will provide liquidity through a thorough and transparent investment approach that includes best-in-class pricing and models as well as highly proficient experience in servicing oversight that will produce exceptional asset performance.

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