Creating Your Own Happiness with Justin Schenck

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“I made sure that I surrounded myself with the right people – who are motivated, who are driven, who are trying to better themselves.”

In this episode, we acknowledge that life is constantly changing. There will always be ups and downs – but the important thing is how we choose to navigate them.

My guest speaks from experience, making this conversation relatable, rich, and genuine. The message this week is beyond leadership skills – we talk about values that are very important not just for a leader, but for every human being on the planet.

We talk a lot about forgiveness, too – forgiving others, but more importantly, forgiving yourself. My guest effortlessly relates these topics into practical tips that you can apply to yourself, to your life, your business, career, or your craft today. I’m excited for you to meet him…

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Justin Schenck is an entrepreneur, speaker and the host of the top rated podcast the Growth Now Movement. He has been named a Top 8 Podcaster to follow by INC Magazine, featured in Thrive Global and chosen as an ‘Icon of Influence’ in the new media space.

Justin’s podcast has grown to become a podcast that is currently getting played in over 100 countries every single week and he has gone on to help countless people grow their brands and business through podcasting.

He is also the host and creator of one of the go to events for entrepreneurs and forward thinkers; Growth Now Summit LIVE! https://www.growthnowsummit.com/


Ken Eslick is an Entrepreneur, Author, Podcaster, Tony Robbins Trainer, Life Coach, Husband of 35+ Years, and Grandfather. Ken currently spends his time as the President & Founder of The Leaders Lab where he and his team focus on Senior Leadership Acquisition. They get founders the next level C-Suite Leaders they need to go from being an Inc. Magazine 5000 fastest growing company to $100,000,000 + in revenue.

You can learn more about Ken and his team at:

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