Creating Your Own Raffle – Mills on the Mic

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On this week’s episode of the Mills on the Mic podcast, it’s the 8th day for the 12 days of Christmas gift giveaway. Host Jen Mills discusses the raffle giveaway and shares her experiences with the raffle giveaway. Let’s learn more about the raffle giveaway in this episode.

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  • 12 days of Christmas Gift Giveaway
  • Daily Post
  • Raffle Giveaway
  • Donate
  • DHBC Club
  • @Joe Fernandez
  • Raising Funds
  • Making Post about the Giveaway
  • Length of the Raffle Giveaway
  • Slot Numbers
  • Track Sheet
  • Venmo
  • Announcement of Winners
  • Retweet Picke

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