Creating Your Own Unique Path of Success in Real Estate with Robert Hytha

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My friend, Rob Hytha, went from mowing lawns and shoveling snow for his dad’s rental properties to handling multi-million dollar note deals for US Mortgage Resolution. And Rob has since mastered the art of creating his own unique path as a successful real estate investor, educator and highly sought after advisor while maintaining his desired quality of life and caring greatly how his work impacts people’s lives.  

If you are new to the note investing arena, Rob Hytha is your go to guy. Rob will generously teach you How to Invest in Mortgage Notes the right way through his free course, give you valuable insights through his YouTube channel and show you how to uplevel your investment savvy and success by participating with other investors in his monthly Mortgage Note Mastermind. 

We’re enthusiastically talking about why notes are the highest, most advantageous point in the real estate business, the importance of continued education regardless of how successful you may already be, early buyouts and exit strategies and where the real estate market is headed in the next 60-90 days. 

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