Credit Repair | Linking Lenders, Consumers and Credit Counselors with Elizabeth Karwowski

Adam Torres and Elizabeth Karwowski discuss how bringing together consumers, credit counselors and lenders is good business.

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Show Notes:

  • Credit repair
  • Lending
  • Evolution of Credit

It’s expensive for lenders to attract and convert prospects into clients. What if there was a better way to facilitate the conversation that benefits both parties? In this episode, Adam Torres and Elizabeth Karwowski, CEO at Get Credit Healthy, discuss a new approach to credit and creating lifelong clients.

About Get Credit Healthy, Inc.

Get Credit Healthy’s lead recovery and strategy software converts non-qualified and/or low credit scoring applicants into qualified borrowers through a partner network of FICO, non-profits, and HUD-certified credit coaches. We then return the qualified lead to the referring lender ensuring complete transparency providing critical data intelligence. 

The entire compliant program is constantly updated, and available for monitoring both through our online platform and directly within your POS/CRM/LOS of choice.

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