Crisis PR and Pandemics: How Anxiety Is Contagious with Carolyn Barth

Adam Torres and Carolyn Barth discuss PR during pandemics.

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Show Notes:

  • Create one message
  • Create a strategy
  • Create a call to action 

    Do you have a crisis PR strategy in place for your business? The plan must be a unified, clear, concise and actionable plan.  In this episode, Adam Torres and Carolyn Barth, CEO of Digital Content Strategy, explore how companies can navigate the current business environment.

About Carolyn Barth

Publicist Carolyn Barth is CEO of Digital Content Strategy LLC, an award-winning Communications, PR/Media Agency.  Named one of the Top 25 Women in Healthcare Marketing, Ms. Barth worked with board-certified pathologists to help calm down the public during H1N1 (swine flu) a decade ago. Next, she worked on the Concussion/CTE story with neuropathologists and the Sports Legacy Institute re risks of brain damage for youth football players. In addition to crisis communications, Carolyn’s proactive PR services guarantee respect for clients. Join her 20,000 LinkedIn followers or book 20 minutes with her to learn more.

About Digital Content Strategy LLC

You have a story. We are storytellers who share it with the world.
You aim to be known. We make you a thought leader and KOL.
You are scientific. We turn your science into social shares.

We work with dental innovators and C-suite executives who are frustrated with spending their marketing budgets on “one and done”​ results that don’t fill the sales funnels, don’t convert into sales, or build brand awareness and authority.  We help clients who are ready to build a digital content strategy that works. Our sweet spot is your story – told visually.

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