Current Status for Tech Talent and the Future of Education with Marcelo Ricigliano

Adam Torres and Marcelo Ricigliano discuss tech talent and coding.

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Show Notes:

Bootcamps are an important part of tooling up for a career using coding skills. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Marcelo Ricigliano, Co Founder and CEO at 4Geeks Academy, explore the 4Geeks Academy bootcamps and what it’s participants can expect.

About 4Geeks Academy

4Geeks Academy’s motto is Breathe Coding. Just the will to become a developer isn’t enough. They are looking for people with the pure desire to give coding a chance in their lives. It is an important professional decision and it cannot be based solely on the availability of jobs or the higher salaries. Their students need to become part of the coding culture. It is the only way in which they believe you can learn to code in such a small period of time.

They create coders. Applicants may not have a specific knowledge or background on coding, but their students become –at the end of the program- Junior Web Developers. In order to enroll, they take in consideration three main aspects: (i) Students’ passion for learning to code, (ii) the will to start a new profession, and (iii) the awareness on how coding demands can be met: Time and dedication are mandatory to succeed throughout the program.

Their students are taught basic to advanced features for web development. Such knowledge is evaluated through daily exercises and weekly projects. Students are driven to progressively build their first web development portfolio. After completion of the program, students are packed with the skills needed to fulfill the needs of a Junior Web Developer. After successfully completing the program, students should be able to collaborate in the process of building and launching a website, web service and/or web platform.

What they are building is the best framework for the future of Education. There are over 23,000 open jobs for developers in Florida (Code.org). There are not enough graduates per year to fulfill that demand (They have graduated more than 350 Developers so far). Innovation and tech disruption is delayed by this lack of talent. They are implementing a new concept of Coding Academies based on a Flipped Classroom. More than that actually, they are building a 4Geeks Academy Turnaround Education Methodology.

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