Custom Software Development and Trends with Rich Rudzinski

 Adam Torres and Rich Rudzinski discuss custom software development.

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Show Notes:

Custom software development is Tragic Media’s specialty. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Rich Rudzinski, Founder & CEO at Tragic Media, explore current trends in software development and how Tragic Media is using them to help their clients thrive.

About Rich Rudzinski

He is the owner and technical lead at Tragic Media, a San Diego based digital technology agency. Born and raised in LA, I came to San Diego to attend UCSD and fell in love with the culture, climate, and growing tech scene…and he has been here ever since. After graduation he spent several years cutting my teeth at a growing digital agency. At the ripe age of 26 he reached a point of stagnation in his career and decided to embark on his own to fill a hole that he identified in the digital service industry.

He set out to create a new kind of company, focused on technology, teeming with experience, and built to scale. In early 2009, Tragic Media was born. Initially they worked solely as a white-label resource for large agencies in San Diego, and across the US. But after several years of getting all of the pain and no glory, they decided to bring their expert skill set to the businesses that they could bring the most value to.

About Tragic Media

We are a San Diego-based digital technology agency, focused on creating intuitive software experiences that scale across all devices. We pride ourselves in our innovative solutions, and long-term support plans built to help our clients grow. From web to mobile to the cloud and beyond, we have the expertise to support your organization with its most complex digital needs. Whether you are interested in modernizing your existing infrastructure or starting a new company, we can help ensure your company’s digital success. 

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