Customer Communication is the Cornerstone of Project Management and Profits with Todd Peirce

Adam Torres and Todd Peirce discuss home remodeling. 

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Show Notes:

Home remodeling can be one of the biggest expenses many homeowners will incur. However, few consider hiring an outside consultant to  advise on remodels.  In this episode,  Adam Torres and Todd Peirce, Author & Owner at Peirce Consulting, explore the benefits of hiring a consultant when considering a home remodeling project. 

About Todd Peirce

Todd shows you how to open new doors to increase the value of your home when you are looking for a life transformation. Whether that transformation is through your home remodel, selling solutions as a realtor, or gaining creative financing for your investing goals! Todd Peirce has decades of experience in the real estate industry. He is the owner and founder of three businesses that help homeowners, real estate agents, and realty brokers find capital and design that will increase real estate value when taking to market.

His passion for construction and design started when he was doing fix and flips in California while working as a commercial actor. Todd then took his real estate and fundraising knowledge from California to Colorado where he raised capital to finance remodels, manage design and construction, and shared profits with investors or homeowners when the properties sold. Two of his early properties were partnered with Denver Bronco Quarterback, Jake Plummer and Avalanche player, Darcy Tucker. These remarkable partnerships inspired Todd to get into Design/Build Custom Remodels full-time as a consultant and contractor project manager.

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