Cyber CEO Ariadne Regueira Emphasizes Communication for Successful Teamwork

Host Angelo Cruz of Cyberbacker and Ariadne Regueira of Regueira Salidas Group discuss how Cyberbackers can help business owners on CyberCEO.

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Why work with Cyberbacker?

When Miami realtor Ariadne Regueira began working with Cyberbacker, “Our life changed,” she says. Her three Cyberbackers take on various tasks, allowing her to focus on what’s most important–building relationships with clients.  

Cyberbackers are not just any digital assistants. The most important distinction, Regueira says, is the fact that her Cyberbackers work exclusively with Regueira Salidas Group, which means they are invested in her company and care about its success. Despite the physical distance, Cyberbackers are devoted team members who bring humility and energy to the table. 

Training and Communication are key

A key component of a successful relationship between a cyber-CEO and a Cyberbacker is training. “We need to let them know how we work,” Reguiera says.  She recommends spending significant time mentoring Cyberbackers, who in turn become knowledgeable additions to her team.

The training process is critical not only because it ensures that work is done well, but also because it creates a professional and personal connection between Cyberbackers and CEOs.

“I think of them as family”, Regueira says.

Constructive feedback is an important tool as well. Regueira notes that because Cyberbackers may not have specific experience in real estate, she coaches clients on the ins and outs of the field. For example, she says, she encouraged one Cyberbacker to communicate with a client via phone instead of via text, emphasizing the personal touch that is so key in her industry.

Mutual Benefit

Because of Regueira’s thoughtful approach, Cyberbackers love working with her, too. “I truly appreciate the time and effort Ariadne puts into helping each of us in the team,” one team-member says. “I am striving every day for the team.” 


Cyberbacker’s goal is to match accomplished individuals to clients who share similar values and goals in order to optimize growth. Find more information at www.cyberbacker.com, or contact Cyberbacker directly by email: [email protected] or phone: +1 801 686 8043

Ariadne Regueria is a Miami-based real estate specialist known for her personalized approach that goes beyond simply buying and selling.

Find more information and Regueria’s contact information at https://www.regueirasaldiasgroup.com/