Cyber CEO Brian Johnson Shares Secrets to “Seamless” Cyberbacker Partnership

Host Angelo Cruz of Cyberbacker and Brian Johnson of Keller Williams discuss remote possibilities on CyberCEO.

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Guest Brian Johnson of Keller Williams discusses his communication strategies on new episode of their podcast CyberCEO. In this episode, Host Angelo Cruz and Keller Williams agent Brian Johnson say transparency is key when it comes to great Cyberbacker-CEO relationships.

Remote Opportunities

“At first it can be a little concerning having someone work remotely,” real estate agent Brian Johnson says. But in our current environment, virtual partnerships are increasingly common, and indeed, Johnson says, quite “natural.” His team’s frequent communication is one reason the process of onboarding and partnering with Cyberbackers has been so successful.

“A Wonderful Partnership”

“The better question would be what they don’t do,” Johnson quips. His Cyberbackers schedule appointments, manage advertising and social media content, coordinate transactions, and interact with customers frequently. One Cyberbacker, Charlotte, has been with Johnson for more than a year, and is excited about opportunities for growth. For example, Charlotte will soon be more involved in CMAs and market analysis.

Effective Communication is Key

Frequent contact ensures that Cyberbackers understand a CEO’s standards and expectations. “We focus on having at least one daily meeting just so everyone’s on the same page,” Johnson says. “It all circles back to communication.”


Cyberbacker’s goal is to match accomplished individuals to clients who share similar values and goals in order to optimize growth. Find more information at www.cyberbacker.com, or contact Cyberbacker directly by email: [email protected] or phone: +1 801 686 8043.

Brian Johnson is a Minneapolis-based real estate agent.  Find more information and Johnson’s contact information at https://thebrianjohnsonteam.kw.com/.