Cyberbacker CEO Craig Goodliffe’s Successful Coaching Experience Featured on New Episode of The Coaching Lifeline

Host Abe Shreve, realtor Jeff Quintin, and Cyberbacker CEO Craig Goodliffe on facing tough decisions as a business owner.

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Guests Jeff Quintin and Cyberbacker CEO and MAPS coach Craig Goodliffe share insights with host Abe Shreve on a new episode of his podcast The Coaching Lifeline.

In this episode, Shreve, Quintin, and Goodliffe help listeners understand the power of successful coaching.

An Unconventional Start 

 At 19, Jeff Quintin began to notice the difference between realtor’s paychecks and the paycheck he received as a bank employee. Determined to learn the real estate business, he looked to his high school yearbook to begin building his first list of clients. “My yearbook became my database,” Quintin says. 

Thirty years later, Quintin is the owner of Ocean City, NJ’s The Quintin Group, a company whose YTD is 3.3 million in real estate commissions. Despite his success, Quintin speaks candidly about mistakes he’s made and areas for growth as he contemplates the future of his company. Shreve admires Quintin’s willingness to “peel back the curtain”, giving listeners a rare look at the inner workings of a thriving real estate business.

Big Lessons: Connect With People

Quintin learned the importance of talking to one’s employees the hard way when he capitalized on an opportunity in North Carolina’s outer banks. Quintin was excited to grow the company in the same way he’d grown his own, in a similar vacation-rental market. But when he tried to bring his new employees onboard, many of them, who were in the later stages of their careers, were content with 2-4 sales per year. Though Quintin felt frustrated, he learned a valuable lesson. If he could do it differently, he says, he “would have sat down with every agent individually…and really learned who I was taking on.”

When Quintin’s listing partner of six years decided to leave the company, Quintin was once again reminded that talent is key. To train his new partner, Quintin found himself back on the front lines of sales, a role he’d largely stepped away from. The experience helped Quintin realize he needed to “build a bench.” “Everyone has to have someone to replace themselves,” he says. 

Though stepping back into the day-to-day of his business was a tough decision to make, Quintin knows it was the right one. “It’s an adjustment for sure,” he says. “But because I coach and train all the time, it’s not hard for me to do it. It’s been fun, actually.”

Coaching is Key

During an uncertain time in his business’s trajectory, Quintin looked to his MAPS coach Craig Goodliffe for support.

“Jeff had lost a key player”, Goodliffe says. “It comes down to: What does the business need at this point?” Through coaching conversations, Quintin realized he needed to return to the office. “My job is holding up the mirror,” Goodliffe says, by asking questions that prompt a client’s self-discovery.

Ultimately, Goodliffe helped Quintin re-focus on the future of his company by asking the fundamental question, “Why are you doing this?”

For Quintin, the answer is simple. “There are lots of places to go,” he says. “And that’s pulling us forward.”


Jeff Quintin is the owner of The Quintin Group of Keller Williams Realty in Ocean City, NJ. Since 1992, Jeff and his team have sold over 5000 homes, equivalent to over 1 billion dollars in sales volume. Contact The Quintin Group by email or phone: +1 609 398 5333.

 Craig Goodliffe is a KW MAPS coach and the founder and CEO of Cyberbacker. Cyberbacker’s goal is to match accomplished individuals to clients who share similar values and goals in order to optimize growth. Find more information at www.cyberbacker.com, or contact Cyberbacker directly by email: [email protected] or phone: +1 801 686 8043.

Abe Shreve is the CEO of Business MAPS Coaching and Training and the host of the podcasts Choose Difficult and The Coaching Lifeline, which explores overcoming failure and the power of great coaching. Learn more at https://the-coaching-lifeline.simplecast.com/.