CyberCEO John Douglas Leverages Cyberbacker to Grow Business

Host Angelo Cruz and CyberCEO John Douglas agree that a virtual world creates opportunities for business owners

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Guest CyberCEO Douglas shares how partnering with Cyberbacker has allowed him to focus on revenue-building 

In this episode, Douglas urges listeners to take a “leap of faith” by partnering with Cyberbacker.

Leveraging Virtual Support

“There are lots of small tasks I’m not good at,” says John Douglas, co-owner of a small Keller Williams real estate team based in Lansing, Michigan. Douglas’ realization that he wanted to spend more of his time making connections with clients prompted him to partner with Cyberbacker this year. 

Though Douglas and his partner considered other options, “None of them felt as safe or as well-trained or as well-prepared as Cyberbacker,” he says. Still, Douglas was new to the world of virtual leverage, and he kept his expectations low. “Boy, were we surprised at how quickly and smoothly the process went.” 

Affordable Expertise

For Douglas, Cyberbacker’s affordability is one of its best qualities. “I can hire a crew of people who are really excellent at what they do,” he says. Furthermore, Cyberbacker’s investment  in training saves Douglas time and money.  Cyberbacker Adrian is well-prepared to tackle daily tasks like CRM Database management, marketing, and email communication with clients so Douglas can focus on growing his business. “We can spend our time building relationships with people, bringing value to their lives,” he says. 

Best of all, Douglas believes that partnering with Cyberbacker is “not just about us, it’s about the people who work for us…we’re helping build better lives for everybody.”

A “Leap of Faith”

Douglas understands that business owners may be hesitant to work with virtual assistants because “you can’t get across the table from them.” But, he points out, the rise of virtual work during COVID-19 forced businesses to adapt. “That’s the world now,” he says. “Virtual is the new normal.”  Video-conferencing, texting, and phone calls help Douglas communicate daily with Cyberbacker Adrian. 

“Hire leverage now,” Douglas urges fellow business owners. “Because you’re spending time each day doing things that are not in your 20 percent, your ten  percent, or even your five percent.”


Cyberbacker’s goal is to match accomplished individuals to clients who share similar values and goals to optimize growth. Find more information at www.cyberbacker.com, or contact Cyberbacker directly by email: [email protected] or phone: +1 801 686 8043

John Douglas  is the co-owner of  a Keller Williams realty group based in Lansing, MI. Find more information here: johndouglas.kw.com