CyberCEO Ron Mast: Working With Cyberbacker is a “No Brainer”

Host Angelo Cruz and CyberCEO Ron Mast discuss how economical virtual leverage can lead to exponential growth

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Guest CyberCEO Mast is so pleased with his Cyberbacker experience that it made him decide to be a franchise owner. In this episode, Cruz and Mast agree that virtual leverage creates boundless opportunities for business owners.

Customized Hiring Support

Veteran realtor and “multi-preneur” Ron Mast never heard of Cyberbacker his colleagues at Keller Williams’ Leadership Council shared their positive experiences of hiring virtual leverage. “I didn’t think a business my size would need a virtual assistant,” he says. He soon found himself on Cyberbacker’s website, requesting more information. “As I started going through the process, I realized that this was a great fit for my business,” Mast says. 

Mast calls the transition to working with Cyberbacker “seamless.” Like businesses worldwide, Masts’ office had transitioned to remote work during the pandemic, making virtual leverage possible. Furthermore, Mast found Cyberbacker’s recruiting and hiring process efficient and customized from beginning to end. After working with a Growthbacker to create a job description and a “give-up” list, Mast describes how a Careerbacker “Matched my job description and my personality” to carefully vetted applicants. 

Finding the Right Fit(s)

When Mast spoke with his now-Cyberbacker Kelly, he was struck by her attention to detail and warm demeanor. “Just right away, I knew,” he says. The item at the top of Mast’s “Give-up List” was Transaction Coordinating, a role that Kelly immediately stepped into. “The first week, she was asking me questions, and they were good questions,” Mast says. Within a week, Kelly was “coordinating the transaction from both sides.”

Though Mast only planned to hire one Cyberbacker, he ended up hiring two. Joe, his second cyberbacker, impressed Mast with his communication skills and sense of humor. “He would be fantastic on the phone,” Mast recalls thinking. Mast knew he was losing business because he didn’t have time to follow up on leads. As a result of bringing on Joe, who communicates with leads, the business’ productivity has doubled.

Staying Connected

Mast attributes his quick success with Cyberbacker to frequent communication. In daily “morning huddles,” Mast and his cyberbackers meet to discuss the day’s agenda. “I talk to my cyberbackers as much or more than I talk to agents sitting in the other room,” Mast says.  Furthermore, Mast marvels at the ongoing support Cyberbacker offers its team-members—cyberbackers meet with Cyberbacker Corporate weekly to discuss successes, challenges, and goals. They also have access to a wide range of ongoing training opportunities.

Overall, Mast says, his cyberbackers Kelly, Joe, and Joyce, a (third!) cyberbacker he hired recently to help manage the influx of new clients, are incredibly dedicated, intelligent,  and efficient.  The peace of mind Mast feels allowed him to focus on revenue-building.

 “We’re growing exponentially, and we couldn’t be happier,”  he says.


Cyberbacker’s goal is to match accomplished individuals to clients who share similar values and goals to optimize growth. Find more information at www.cyberbacker.com, or contact Cyberbacker directly by email: [email protected] or phone: +1 801 686 8043

Ron Mast is a real estate broker with Keller Williams based in Colorado and the owner of Cyberbacker’s Houston franchise. Find more information here: ronmast.kw.com