CyberCEO Ryan McLean on The Power of Virtual Leverage

Host Angelo Cruz and CyberCEO Ryan McLean discuss how to leverage virtual support

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Guest CyberCEO Ryan McLean shares the secrets to creating a lasting Cyberbacker  partnership in a new episode of CyberCEO. In this episode, Cruz and McLean agree that virtual leverage is key to success in a changing world.

A New Reality

“The world has changed, ” says Ryan McLean, CEO of The McLean Team in Hamilton, Ontario. “Changing the way we lead our teams…is part of that.” In a real estate landscape changed by Covid-19, virtual leverage is key. Because more of McLean’s business happens remotely, he has been able to tap into the “massive talent” that Cyberbacker offers. Furthermore, McLean is impressed by the level of training Cyberbackers undergo and their internal support network. “They have a lot of resources,” he says. “I’m not the first person they go to, which I prefer and enjoy.”

Daily Communication Builds Trust

McClean uses platforms like Zoom and WhatsApp to engage with his Cyberbackers daily. It’s important, he feels, for virtual team members to feel engaged in the routine processes of his business. Cyberbackers assist with functionary tasks like maintaining databases, posting on social media, and scheduling.

Yvonne, a Cyberbacker whom McLean has worked with for over two years, is even more directly involved in the business – for example, she attends McLean’s meetings, takes detailed notes pertaining to action plans, and crafts scheduled follow-up communications. “She’s actually doing so much more than I was able to do because of the systems we built together,” McClean says.

“Show Up With A Plan”

McLean recommends preparing to bring a Cyberbacker onboard by listing the aspects of the business you want to take off your plate. Clarity and patience are  key when training a new team member on specific tasks. Most importantly, McClean says, CEOs should trust their employees to “figure out the how.”  For example, Cyberbacker Yvonne continues to deepen her involvement in McLean’s company, which allows McLean the time and space to focus on growing his business and achieving a healthier work-life balance.

“It’s only leverage if you’re not doing it,” he says.


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Ryan McLean is the CEO of The McLean Team in Hamilton, Ontario. He is also the regional director of Keller Williams Canada. For more information, see www.themcleanteam.ca.