CyberCEOs Amy and Michael Kite: Cyberbackers Have Made So Much Possible

Host Angelo Cruz and CyberCEOs Amy and Michael Kite on how Cyberbacker has helped them achieve more.

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Guest CyberCEOs Amy and Michael Kite discuss Cyberbacker’s impact on their business in a new episode of CyberCEO. In this episode, Cruz and the Kites share secrets for a successful partnership.

“It’s Phenomenal”

“Cyberbackers have given us the ability to get things done that we’ve never been able to get done in the past,” says Michael Kite, Chief Operating Officer of The Kite Real Estate Team. 

Michael and his wife Amy agree that the “whirlwind” nature of their office can sometimes make it difficult to focus on various tasks. But with the help of Cyberbackers Christine, Henrique, and Carlo, the Kites are growing in new ways. For example, Cyberbacker Christine, who works closely with the marketing director, recently created “just listed/just sold” postcards, which “absolutely is going to help our business,” Amy says.

 What Sets Cyberbacker Apart

Though the Kites have worked with virtual assistants in the past, Amy calls the experience with Cyberbacker “night and day.” Both Amy and Michael applaud Cyberbacker’s careful vetting on the front end and ongoing training, which have both saved the Kites a great deal of time. The hiring process for an in-person team maker, for instance,  takes “a huge amount of time and a huge amount of effort,” Amy says. And despite real estate industry norms when it comes to interviews,  she urges fellow CEOs to trust Cyberbacker’s process. “You’re going to find top talent in 30 minutes,” she says.

“The work ethic is amazing,” Michael says. “It’s just something you don’t find anymore.” Cyberbacker Christine, who has been with the Kites longest, is “really a go-getter.” 

Part of the Family

Because clear expectations are key in a productive Cyberbacker/CyberCEO partnership, the Kites urge business owners to put time and thought into creating a list of tasks. “They catch on very quickly,” Michael says.

In fact, the Kites’ Cyberbackers have asked for more work. “Cyberbackers push us as much as we push them,” Michael says. He adds that their professionalism and investment in the company make them “a pleasure to talk to.” Amy mentions a recent call where newer Cyberbackers Henrique and Carlo joined for the first time. It was a great chance for everyone to put faces to names, she says. “We’re such an awesome team…we’re blessed to have you as part of our family.”


Cyberbacker’s goal is to match accomplished individuals to clients who share similar values and goals in order to optimize growth. Find more information at www.cyberbacker.com, or contact Cyberbacker directly by email: [email protected] or phone: +1 801 686 8043
Michael and Amy Kite are the owners of the Kite Real Estate Team, a Keller Williams affiliate based in the Chicago area. For more information, see www.amykite.com.