Cybersecurity and Working Safely from Anywhere with Doug Miller

Adam Torres and Doug Miller discuss cybersecurity.

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Show Notes:

Having a great cybersecurity strategy is important for companies. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Doug Miller, CEO & CTO of Brightworks Group, explore cybersecurity issues business owners should know.

About Doug Miller

Technology may run your business, but you’re not in the business of running technology. Business owners and managers want their people to be productive and working – making money for the company. What they don’t want to do is to spend a lot of time managing their technology. More importantly, they don’t want to deal with technology that doesn’t consistently work. Brightworks is a Technology Success Provider. They deliver consistent, predictable results for your business from your technology. Predictable results from your technology means more productivity from your staff. That means better margins and improved profits. It means tangible business results.

Let’s face it: all IT service providers tell you they “get to know your business”. You don’t need yet another IT service provider doing break-fix work, or a Managed Services Provider focused on selling you the latest cloud gizmo. You need someone with a proven process that delivers predictable business results from your technology. They do.

About Brightworks Group LLC

Your business is changing faster than ever. The world around your business is changing faster than ever. You need effective technology to help you manage these changes. Chances are you’ve run into more than one situation recently where yesterday’s approach to managing technology just didn’t work for today’s business. Your team is mobile, and probably mostly remote. Your office is changing – fewer people, less space, and certainly less desire to have a bunch of expensive depreciating computer and network hardware around. Your customers are mobile. Your vendors and partners are working the same way you are – remotely. Your old processes can’t keep up. Old systems require people in the office you don’t want to have in the office. Partners and customers want to interact with you and your company online. You need to transition to the Cloud. You need Digital Transformation.

Brightworks Group helps their customers make the transition to leaner, more flexible, and more reliable technology. They can help you eliminate costs, eliminate technology problems, and allow your team to work from anywhere, safely. They help you not just with selecting and implementing technology, but with the organizational change you need to make the technology successful. After that, they’re in your corner to make sure the technology works right, remains safe and secure, and benefits your business. They can help you address specific technology needs, or even replace and manage all of your company’s technology. If you’re tired of downtime, security scares, dealing with technology details, and unanswered help desk tickets, they can help.

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