Dan Einzig is on a mission to help undervalued designers generate millions of dollars worth of equity

Dan Einzig, Founder and CEO of Mystery-Design, was interviewed on the Mission Matters Marketing Podcast by Adam Torres. 

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Walking us through his incredible journey of creative direction  and branding in the music industry, hospitality sector, and legalized cannabis industry, Dan Einzig, Founder and CEO at Mystery-Design, shares his insights, thoughts and life-lessons about how he has been able to develop a portfolio of co-ventures worth millions of dollars. Driven to help other designers and small business owners realize the true worth of the value they add to their clients’ businesses, he unravels the mystery of earning shares, not just fees. 

Starting out as a young musician in 80s London, Dan followed his true passion for art and  design, finding  an exciting niche designing album covers and art-books for his childhood music  heros. Having collaborated with rock legends , such as  The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler and Elton John, Dan was able to establish a reputation for helping to establish “bands as brands,” with all the major record labels and artists. 

However, Dan began to realize how common it is for even the most accomplished  creatives to be undervalued by  the industry. With the advent of music downloads, Dan began to pivot from music to follow his other passion of food and beverage hospitality. Dan built Mystery-Design as a specialist strategic branding consultancy, adding a level of valuable brand strategy that the hospitality sector had not seen before. 

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Design and Branding

Founded in 1998, Mystery-Design is a strategic brand design consultancy focused on defining a clear brand vision and finding creative ways to implement it across multiple touch-points, such as identity design, interior design, packaging and digital design. Dan discusses his philosophy of how a clear brand vision directs coherent decision-making across successful organizations. He talks about how “people connect with people,” and how the most successful brands have personalities just like people. He explains his methodology for developing brand personalities that people form powerful emotive connections with. “Why are emotive brands important?” he asks, then answers “because people make the majority of their purchase decisions emotively.”  


Expanding his field of work, Dan has also become a branding expert in the legalized cannabis industry, joining forces with Cannabistry, a world-class R&D lab, helping develop leading trustmarks in the luxury category with Mistifi; and in the wellness sector with The Root Of It All, which provides all-natural remedies amplified with pure CBD to help with a range of everyday conditions such as sleep issues and lack of energy. “This represents the future of where cannabis is going!” shares Dan. 

The Advice

Having worked with countless start-up entrepreneurs, and having joined forces to co-venture on a portfolio of them, Einzig shares some of the lessons he has learned along the way, and helps guide other designers and small business owners through the unpredictable adventure of negotiating shares with their clients; and describes the pitfalls and benefits of partnering with them. 

He stresses the importance of working with the “right” founders, and lists the capabilities that define the most successful ones. 

Einzig also advises the young who are just beginning to question what they want to do in life to decide what they love, and then figure out how to make money at it.


MYSTERY is an award-winning strategic design consultancy and brand incubation portfolio  based in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Its sister company, Mystery Ltd, is based in London, UK.

Run by CEO and founder Dan Einzig, Mystery-Design combines brand strategy with compelling creativity to design cannabis brands, dispensaries, restaurants, and hotels with engaging characters that customers fall in love with and advocate.  

He  has also co-founded Chiktopia, “the home of better chicken”, a next-generation fast-food restaurant concept in the UK. Einzig  believes that compelling brands with the mystery ingredient are a critical driver of business performance. 

Visit Mystery-Design here to talk about how to define a valuable brand vision to help  guide your organization to huge success. 

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