David Collins: Visiting the Major Wine-Producers of Italy and France

In this episode of Freedom Travel Podcast, Annie Collins, Owner & Travel Architect talks with David Collins, co-owner of Big Cork Vineyards, master wine-maker, and her baby brother.  They laugh and reminisce about their travels to Italy and France.  They talk about their destination choices, and the diverse wineries that opened their doors to share their heritage and wine culture with the small group.

Story Notes:

  • Brother & Sister collaborate on travel project:  Wine producing countries
  • David transfers his career to Big Cork Vineyards
  • Why Italy and what went into choosing the regions and the wineries
  • Highlights and stories of Piedmont region:  E.Pira e Figli , La Spinetta, and Contratto,
  • The village of Bra where the Slow Food movement began and stayed in Albergo dell ‘Agenzia
  • Wine disaster at the airport 
  • Shipping wines from Italy
  • Highlights and stories of Florence/Tuscany: Castello di Monsanto and Villa Cerna
  • 4 major wine making areas of France:  Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire, Champagne
  • Exploring Portugal’s wine producing regions
  • Freedom Travel designs: Destinations/Special Interests/Accommodations
  • Future wine trips include Spain and Argentina/Chile  
  • David’s story of how he created a wine called Russian Kiss and its rise to fame


NOTE:  While the wineries in France were not mentioned by name, here are some of the places we visited:

To get in touch with David:
Big Cork Vineyards
4236 Main Street
Rohrersville, MD 21779
301 302 8032
[email protected]

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