Decentralizing Clinical Research for Rare Diseases at Scale with Harsha K Rajasimha

Adam Torres and Harsha Rajasimha explore decentralizing clinical research at scale.

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Show Notes:

Decentralizing clinical research can have many benefits such as cutting costs. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Harsha K. Rajasimha, Founder and CEO of Jeeva Informatics and Founder and Chairman of Indo US Organization for Rare Diseases, explore the benefits and process of decentralizing clinical research.

About Harsha Rajasimha

Social Entrepreneur committed to applying his 15+ years of distinguished experience in healthcare and life sciences consulting, precision medicine, genomics of rare diseases and cancer to help accelerate drugs R&D and digital therapeutics. As Founder and CEO of Jeeva Informatics, (and Founder Chairman of the international humanitarian nonprofit Indo-US Organization for Rare Diseases) he is on a mission to bring fresh perspectives and innovation to bring faster cures by engaging patients as participants in clinical research.

As a software architect, he have led the development of some of the largest interdisciplinary Big Data projects in bioinformatics including PathogenPortal, Pathosystems Resource Integration Center (funded by NIH), Cancer Biomedical Informatics Grid (caBIG funded by NCI), Cyberinfrastructure Development For National Eye Institute’s Genomics Program (funded by NEI), Laboratory Information Management Systems (STARLIMS) implementation at the FDA Office of Regulatory Affairs, and Genome Explorer®, an enterprise integrated platform for next-generation sequencing data analysis. His contributions to the genomics program at NEI earned him the Director’s Innovation Award in 2012.

As an entrepreneur, he founded Jeeva Informatics Solutions in 2013. Jeeva is a life sciences Big Data informatics company which has received the Bioscience Company of the Year Award. In addition, he co-founded the non-profit Organization For Rare Diseases India and serves as a Board Member. He has led strategic business development initiatives while simultaneously delivering in technical and scientific roles. In collaboration with the Rare Genomics Institute, hereceived the Sanofi Genzyme’s Rare Diseases PAL Award in 2016. As a scientist, he has authored 15+ peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and participated in 30+ talks, events, and conferences as a keynote speaker, invited speaker, delegate, invited vendor, and/or host. 

About Jeeva Informatics Solutions Inc.

Jeeva is a seed-stage venture-backed startup on a mission to develop AI-driven decentralized clinical trials and optimize patient-focused clinical research. The Jeeva Trials solution reduces patient travel burden by replacing in-person trial site visits with videoconferencing, remote monitoring and digital engagement. Jeeva is particularly beneficial for both rare disorders and clinical research studies involving long-term follow-ups and safety monitoring. Jeeva is a member of several life science membership organizations including Virginia BIO, BioHealth Capital Region, and the Global Genes Corporate Alliance.

Jeeva’s AI-driven decentralized clinical trials SaaS platform (JDCTP) helps Investigators and directors of clinical trial operations accelerate speed, saving them over 70% cost while reducing participants’ travel burden by up to 80%.  Using Jeeva SaaS platform, customers can rapidly enroll and engage geographically distributed diverse patients from where they live. Their customers can include Jeeva as a central monitoring site in addition to other brick and mortar site(s) enabling participants the option of travel-less visits with our BYOD (bring your own device) mobile app. Jeeva will replace 50% – 80% of in-person follow up site visits with video conferencing visits thereby significantly reducing travel burden on trial participants.  Jeeva’s AI engine develops data science on many past clinical trials to learn from patterns of pass or fail trials to automatically guide the next trial towards operational efficiency and maximize probability of trial success. Jeeva is on a mission to decentralize clinical trials, reduce travel burden on patients, research teams, and improve trial operational efficiency by over 30%. Guided by key customer insights gained from 300+ customer discovery interviews (NSF I-Corps grant), Jeeva has secured strong letters of interest from KOLs and numerous customers. 

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