Decreasing Turnover, Increasing Morale and Increasing Productivity In the Workplace with Parissa Behnia

Adam Torres and Parissa Behnia discuss how leadership can be improved within an organization.

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Show Notes:

  • 3D Leaders
  • Employee turnover
  • Problems with tunnel vision

Great leaders are not born, they are forged through experience and training. Sometimes gifted leaders may be great at achieving business results, but at what costs? In this episode, Adam Torres and Parissa Behnia, CEO & Business Whisperer at Sixense Strategy, discuss how gifted leaders can get improved results in their organizations with their current employees and NOT at the expense of them.

About Parissa Behnia

I am a secret weapon that C Suite, Executives and Entrepreneurs call on when they want to:

-retain a coach;
-scale their businesses;
-grow as leaders; and
-inspire their team.

My approach:

-Whether as coach or advisor, I work side by side with my clients to clarify and conquer business goals that drive results.

-We start with the end in mind and craft the strategies that achieve that end.

-I take clients’ success seriously and work with them as they invest in their business and leadership transformation.

My difference:

-Business Empathy. I have been in my clients’ seats or sat next to those seats. I see how complexities and competing resources Executives face can make for tough business decisions.

-My Sixense Empathy Model™ delivers my expertise to drive my clients’ insights, growth and revenues.

Why Business Empathy:

-All sales are emotional whether B2B or B2C. Every client wants to feel heard, understood and respected, even executives.

-To best connect with clients, we must take a 3D view of what they experience so that we can act as a partner/problem solver, not a vendor.

-My ROI: I am a partner and problem solver because of my Business Empathy approach.

Why clients work with me:
As coach and/or strategic advisor, I guide them to a clear path to business and/or leadership growth, allowing them to go from where they are now and where they want to be.

Sixense Strategy Offers:
Strategy Coaching and Consulting
Executive and Leadership Coaching
Startup Coaching and Consulting

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