Defining and Securing Property in the Digital Environment

Adam Torres and Sean Moss-Pultz discuss property in the digital environment.

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Show Notes:

Bitmark is a blockchain startup that aims to bring traditional property rights into the digital age by providing tools that enable anyone to affirm ownership and control digital assets they create and post online. In this episode, Adam Torres and Sean Moss-Pultz, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitmark Inc., explore the Bitmark story and plans for the future.  

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About Sean Moss-Pultz

Sean Moss-Pultz is the co-founder and CEO of Bitmark Inc. a startup working to extend traditional property rights to the digital age by creating tools that give individuals control over their own digital assets and data. His passion is in developing technologies that empower humans. Prior to Bitmark Inc., he was a senior executive for EMQ Limited, a financial technology startup. Recognized as a pioneer of open-source hardware, Moss-Pultz launched and was CEO of Openmoko Inc., the first open-source phone and a precursor to iPhone and Android smartphones. He holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics from UC San Diego.

About Bitmark Inc.

Bitmark’s mission is to make individuals their own gatekeepers. We develop cryptographic products that let people collaborate while protecting their activities and assets. Awarded as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer in 2020. 

Launched in 2016, Bitmark Protocol provided a universal way to own and interact with digital assets and data. Bitmark has worked with businesses and creators across life sciences, music, and art. They worked with KKBOX to streamline royalties for beat makers and producers; collaborated with Casey Reas to launch Feral File – a hybrid between an online gallery, marketplace, and publisher of artist NFT editions; and went to the heart of data control by architecting a new social network with Blockchain Commons.