Delivering Superior Returns While Helping Homeowners Avoid Foreclosure with Paul Birkett

Adam Torres and Paul Birkett discuss how helping homeowners provides investment opportunities.

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Show Notes:

Investors looking for a healthy return may have an alternative way to get real estate exposure in their portfolios. In this episode, Adam Torres and Paul Birkett, CEO of Automation Finance, explore investing in non-performing first and second liens.

About Automation Finance

Automation Finance is a Residential Whole Loan Investment Fund with offices in New York City. We are a principal investor and active manager of pools of non-performing first and second liens. The fund has three core competencies:

1. Pre-Purchase Due Diligence: Pricing and underwriting of acquisitions.
2. Performance Management: Convert non-performing loans to performing status.
3. Liquidation: Re-sale, borrower settlements or hold as long-term asset.

We are actively seeking buyers and sellers of first and second liens.

Sellers: Pools in the $1mm to $20 mm capital-deployed range.

Buyers: NPL’s, Reperforming and REO.

We deliver superior returns and better borrower outcomes by providing homeowners with alternatives to foreclosure.

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