Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc Signs Agreement with Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. with Georg Engelmann

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Show Notes:

Recently Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., a Texas Corporation, has entered into an agreement with Global Oceanic Designs, Inc. that grants the Company the right to market technology owned by Global and further grants the Company a commission for the licensing of technology owned by SeaDog Systems, Inc. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Georg Engelmann, CEO and President at Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc.,

About Georg Engelmann

Georg Engelmann has an experience of Over 25 years in the energy industry, specifically in the offshore sector, with focus on offshore structures, ocean and subsea engineering. He has served in multiple capacities including engineering design and analysis, geophysical & met-ocean survey and field development planning, project management, construction management, asset management and is a technical specialist in meteorological-oceanographic description, environmental loadings and offshore/subsea design and construction. Leadership roles have offered exposure to unique opportunities in areas of health and safety, the environment, quality, discipline engineering and leadership development. Business roles have included supporting the contractual, commercial, legal, regulatory affairs, public relations and financial functions of the offshore energy business.

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