Digital Transformation, Business Processes and Automation with Marni Carmichael

Adam Torres and Marni Carmichael discuss the evolution and future of data management.

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Show Notes:

Content management integration is becoming more vital to scaling and maintaining effective processes for businesses. How do you know if your processes are optimized? In this episode, Adam Torres and Marni Carmichael, Director of Product Marketing at ImageSource, explore business processes and data management issues that should be top of mind for businesses who are in growth mode.

About ImageSource


ImageSource is a recognized leader in consulting, strategic analysis and rapid application deployment of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Utilizing expert teams and a broad portfolio of world leading ECM technology, we improve critical business processes that leverage the management of data, documents and integration with legacy software systems.

Our comprehensive approach, including analysis, training and support, will advance efficiencies, security, compliance and competition through your entire organization.

Founded in 1994, ImageSource is a privately held corporation headquartered in Olympia, WA. Through a number of strategic acquisitions and mergers, ImageSource has positioned itself as a leader among Enterprise Content Management integrators. We currently provide business process automation for organizations ranging from SMBs to Fortune 500.

Along with our broad portfolio of Customer Partners, our employees are our greatest assets. Using a careful hiring process, ImageSource consistently recruits the finest professionals.

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