Digital Transformation with Alexis Chiagouris

Adam Torres and Alexis Chiagouris discuss how digital transformation affects businesses.

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Show Notes:

  • Customer feedback
  • Building a community
  • A/B Testing

The move to digital is undeniable. Fighting the trend will leave many businesses poorly positioned in the future. So what is a business to do if they don’t want to be left behind? In this episode, Adam Torres and Alexis Chiagouris, Director of Digital Marketing at Flexera, explore digital strategies that every business should know.

About Alexis Chiagouris 

Global marketing leader with deep experience in technology, website creation and maintenance, CRM, SEO/SEM, organic and paid social media, PPC, loyalty programs, online communities, branding, demand generation and eCommerce for both B2B and B2C target audiences. Skilled in building and cultivating teams from the ground up. Creator of cutting-edge, strategic marketing planning models on both the client and agency side across various industries including software, retail, CPG, hospitality, travel, telecommunications, healthcare, and financial services. Results-driven professional who thrives on having an entrepreneurial mindset, insight into what makes the customer tick, and creative storytelling that leverages the most current trends and technologies.

About Flexera

Flexera helps business executives succeed at what once seemed impossible: getting clarity into, and full control of, their company’s technology “black hole.” From on-premise to the cloud, Flexera helps business leaders turn IT insight into action. With a portfolio of integrated solutions that deliver unparalleled technology insights, spend optimization and agility, Flexera helps enterprises optimize their technology footprint and realize IT’s full potential to accelerate their businesses. For over 30 years, our 1300+ team members worldwide have been passionate about helping our more than 50,000 customers fuel business success.

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