Digital Ukrainian and European Ecosystems with Olga Lysenko

Adam Torres and Olga Lysenko discuss Ukrainian and European ecosystems.

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Show Notes:

The current Ukraininian and European digital ecosystems have become increasingly important. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Olga Lysenko, Chief Experience Officer EVNE Developers, explore the Ukrainiann and European digital landscape. 

About Olga Lysenko 

Olga Lysenko has been into IT since 2019 and she is happy to be a part of this world. She likes to treat people as she wants to be treated – with respect, responsibility, trust and humor. Driven to ensure customer success and satisfaction. Motivated by the dynamic teams and individuals that she supports. Consistently inspired by her love for the cinema and yoga. Her career began as a government employee in the educational sector.

She participated in national conferences, took part in the creation of the regional educational pedagogical programs, accompanied the foreign delegations as an interpreter and managed the in-migrants children enrolment in their region. It took her 5+ years to decide to change her professional activity. She was lucky enough to be supported by her family and EVNE Developers to make a smooth transition from one activity to completely another. She loved it ever since. Now she is striving to build business affairs with teams and individuals in the IT sector based on trust.

About EVNE Developers

EVNE Developers – is a progressive and dynamic IT service company that has creatively operated within the international market of Web & Mobile development since 2011. The Research & Development Center of the company is situated in the central region of Ukraine, which also has branches in Germany and in the USA as well. Throughout history, EVNE Developers has cooperated with more than 170 partners from more than 18 countries, and more than 650 projects in a variety of fields have been created by our experts.   

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