Discipline Matters: What Many Investors Lack with Ted Parkhill

Adam Torres and Ted Parkhill discuss disciplined investing.

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Show Notes:

Taking a disciplined approach to investing is the route that many have taken to achieve success. In this episode,  Adam Torres and Ted Parkhill, CEO & Founder at Incline Investment Management, explore what it takes to follow a disciplined investment approach.

About Incline Investment Management, LLC

Incline Investment Management, LLC is an alternative asset manager whose mission is to achieve superior risk adjusted absolute returns across market cycles by capturing short and intermediate trends in individual equities and global futures markets. IIM utilizes their proprietary Systematic Hybrid™ trend following program across individual stocks and global futures markets. The strategy provides investors with an opportunity to capture trends that many investment models do not. The fund’s objective is to achieve exceptional absolute risk adjusted returns irrespective of the broad global equity indices. The systematic strategy employed makes no effort to forecast future market trends, but instead attempts to capture profits in these trends when and where they develop.

The firm caters to a wide variety of investors; from high-net worth, to family offices and funds of funds. All investors must be considered “accredited investors”. There are several product solutions available to consider that will meet the needs of most investors.