Discover Your Sacred Gifts with Annette Sharpe

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We are all born with unexplained abilities we have from birth to death that allow us to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. These are called Sacred Gifts. When we are consistently living in and using our gifts, we feel amazing, but when we are not, we can feel unfulfilled. On today’s show, we will take the first steps in helping you discover yours!

Annette Sharpe is the COO of Recovery 2.0 and brings over 2 decades of behind-the-scenes insight into leadership and team building in the Personal Development space. Annette’s rare combination of real-world, practical solution-finding, combined with inspired intuitive guidance, make her an absolute force. She’s like your spiritual-real-life-entrepreneur-wake-up-call ninja. If you’re ready to lead from your heart and build a business team that wins, let’s do that.

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