Dispelling AI Myths to Add to Your Bottom Line with Matt Leiv

Adam Torres and Matt Leiv talk discuss why AI is something to embrace as it moves the world forward.

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Show Notes:

  • Natural language understanding
  • Software that completes basic tasks 
  • Insurance company saves $5 Million 

AI is very misunderstood by many. Hollywood has done a great job adding to the fear of robots taking over one day. Adam Torres and Matt Leiv, Senior Director of Business Development at Expert System, dispel the myth and evaluate how significant advancements are being made.

About Expert System

Cognitive AI | Natural Language Understanding | Text Analytics | The future of unstructured data-now

Expert System is the largest, most experienced, and most accurate global technology company to specialize in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence (AI) based on Natural Language Understanding (NLU). Our Cognitive AI solutions read and make sense of unstructured text the way people do, helping major companies create new digital workplaces that combine data science and AI with the collective expertise of people, driving exponential positive results never before seen in business.

Our tech offers enhanced AI robotic process automation (RPA) for claims management, policy underwriting, audit support, third party risk management, anti-money laundering and legal compliance procedures, and cybersecurity intelligence. We also offer customer-facing chatbots, natural language Q&A, automatic email classification, and intelligent search applications.

Having already completed 300+ worldwide Cognitive AI professional services engagements, Expert System can help you pinpoint where and how to start leveraging this revolutionary technology.

Facts about Expert System:
– Cogito, our solution, is Latin for ‘I Think’
– We’re stable: governments, including US intelligence and defense, have been sole-sourcing the use of our cutting-edge technologies for years

Because it’s a matter of WHEN – not IF – your organization will deploy this game-changing technology, be the digital pioneer to bring in your team and see a live tech demo to discuss the most relevant use cases which will help solve problems you’ve been stuck on for years.

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