Do You Need a CRM? If you Are in Excel Purgatory it Might Be Time For a Change with John Hill

Adam Torres and John Hill discuss the benefits of transitioning to a CRM as a business scales.

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Show Notes:

  • CRMs for business
  • Tracking activities
  • Coaching proactively
  • CRM implementation

Don’t get me wrong, Excel is an amazing tool that many businesses have used for years to manage their data. However, can it compete with the CRMs of today? Adam Torres and John Hill, Founder of Adapted Growth & Co-host of the Sales Throwdown podcast evaluate some of the pros and cons of each approach.

About John Hill

I’m a Sales CRM Consultant who empowers business owners to utilize a CRM customized specifically for their business so that they no longer struggle with sales, and are instead able to have a sales pipeline in place that is repeatable and predictable, enabling them to screen out bad clients and close great clients with ease.

About Sales Throwdown Podcast

This is a weekly podcast and Youtube show where my co hosts and I talk about personalities in sales. The information we cover will help anyone who has to communicate with other people, but we focus on sales because that is where we come from.

We use the DISC methodology as the foundation for our discussion and we have people from all four corners. Take a listen and learn about how to have better conversations and more sales.

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