“Doubling Down” Can Help Your Company Grow During a Crisis with J.C. Granger

Adam Torres and J.C. Granger discuss “doubling down” on marketing during a crisis.

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Show Notes:

During a crisis many businesses choose to contract and decrease their marketing budget. However, some businesses do the exact opposite increasing their efforts. In this episode, Adam Torres and J.C. Granger, CEO of Infinity Marketing Group, explore why increasing marketing efforts during a crisis can propel a business forward while providing value.

About Infinity Marketing Group

Infinity Marketing Group is an independent, highly-regarded, results-driven digital marketing firm based in downtown Denver. 

We specialize in driving new revenue for B2B Tech companies through our full-service digital marketing firm. We find satisfaction in true partnerships and look forward to breathing new life into your brand.

We create modern engagements with your potential and current customers anywhere and anytime to drive sales. Your target demographic doesn’t spend endless hours in front of the TV, reading the newspaper or listening to the radio. Nowadays media is consumed on the go.

Your potential customers are digital and mobile and you should be too. So whether you’re a small business owner or a marketing manager looking for new ways to reach your current or potential clients, we are the marketing agency for you!

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