Dr. Jeff Anzalone’s Passive Income Advice to Help Professionals Reach Financial Freedom

Dr. Jeff Anzalone, CEO of DebtFreeDr.com, was interviewed on Mission Matters Money Podcast by Adam Torres.

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As a periodontist with his own practice (Anzalone Periodontics), Dr. Jeff Anzalone knows the stress inherent to dental school debt, which can follow doctors around for decades while they try to focus on their patients. That’s why he launched DebtFreeDr.com: to help fellow doctors get out of debt and avoid burnout via multiple passive income streams.

“When you know that you’re going to get out (of school) and make decent money, you don’t worry too much about your loan situation because you think in the back (of your mind) that you’re gonna… be able to pay it off,” Anzalone says. Speaking about his own experience, he says, “You never know when you’ll shift from an abundance mindset to a scarcity (mindset). The fear of things that could be taken away from me at any point in time really took over, and it took a long time to get out of that mindset.” 

A feeling of professional burnout can easily accompany the stress of financial burdens, he explains, and notes that it’s not a phenomenon exclusive to doctors, but also to many high-income professionals who had to saddle themselves with debt to launch their careers.

“I can share information to let people know that if you’re stuck in managing your finances, or can’t handle the stress, you’re not trapped,” he says.

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The Idea behind DebtFreeDr.com

“After I had gotten out of debt, I wanted to teach people about my story, everything that happened along the way, and to avoid mistakes that we made,” Anzalone says, noting that his offering includes basic steps to “financial independence.” 

“The more I learned about developing multiple streams of passive income from real estate syndications, the more interest I started getting from other professionals,” he says. “As I was doing it more and more each month, it became easier to provide people with that type of information. So that’s the story behind how DebtFreeDr.com was born. When I first started the  journey of starting a blog, I could only surf the internet. As time went by, I learned the majority of how to do it l online for free. What started out as only a couple of articles a month scaled immensely. Eventually I started a YouTube channel simply by repurposing the content which helped make a deeper connection with people.”

That content, he explains, is geared toward teaching people to focus on HOW they make money rather than on how much money they make. 

A passive income guide for high-income professionals

Dr. Jeff’s Passive Income Quickstart Guide talks about how to take extra money from earned income and investing in assets that will result in passive income, which can eventually start to pay monthly personal expenses on an ongoing basis. 

“Once you get to that point, you’re financially free,” Anzalone says. “It’s not about how to do it; it’s about where you should consider going and what passive income can do for you and your family down the road.”

Quoting from the guide, he explains, “A passive real estate syndication deal (is when) you pool money with other investors, and once it’s in, you start getting a check every quarter for as long as the investments are held (typically 5-7 years). The coolest part about consistently investing in these deals is that things really start to snowball and build momentum after only 4-5 years.”

Dr. Anzalone’s Vision for his YouTube channel

When asked about the mission behind his YouTube channel, Dr. Anzalone says, “It’s to simply make people aware of ALL their options… it’s called ‘personal finance’ for a reason: it’s personal. My vision is to offer people options to choose what’s best for them.” Up ahead, he says wants to focus more on the YouTube channel, as he enjoys connecting with people and tailoring his advice to meet a variety of perspectives and circumstances faced by professionals facing high amounts of stress and burnout.

To learn more about Dr. Anzalone, visit debtfreedr.com and download the latest Passive Income Guide for free.