Dr. Kevin Fleming’s Mission to Help Business Executives through Neurotechnology-Based Solutions

Dr. Kevin Fleming, Founder & CEO at Grey Matters International, Inc., was interviewed on the Mission Matters Innovation Podcast by Adam Torres.

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In this interview, Dr. Kevin Fleming talks about his mission of working with executives to help them find the missing links in their businesses as well as their lives.

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The foundation of Grey Matters International

It’s a universal thing: even when people put their all into something, the feeling can remain that something’s still not quite right. “It is crucial to understand this missing link to get the desired result,” Dr. Kevin Fleming says. “Business executives, owners, and entrepreneurs are often stuck with the pain point to execute something better, and my mission is around finding (the source of) that ache,” he continues, explaining that Grey Matters International works to help business leaders seek out the elusive elements they need to succeed.

As a doctor, Fleming came across many people who faced mental trauma and a host of overwhelming emotions. Business executives and entrepreneurs, he found, often had a different set of problems, and their brains seemed to work in a distinctly different way. Even after several counseling sessions, Fleming found that business professionals’ problems tended to remain the same; regular consultations just weren’t working for them. Taking a neuroscientific approach to the patterns he’d identified, Dr. Fleming concluded that executives required more than typical counseling sessions. This realization of the need for a specific niche offering led to the foundation of Grey Matters.

How does Grey Matters International help business executives and entrepreneurs?

The company has two main components with a shared element: something called “decisional neuroscience.” One component has to do with leveraging decision making science and neuroeconomics to get at “what they don’t know they don’t know”(and what most traditional coaches and trainers don’t know they don’t know about what makes effective coaching/training programs!) around their issues in the corporate space of their lives—spanning from leadership issues to team relations to culture change goals. The other component concerns personal mental health and stress/burnout issues, leveraging cutting edge, ground-breaking neurotechnologies to bust through irrationalities of all types, thereby working fast and effectively to solve the internal or individual issues that business executives face outside the office with their health, relationships, and families (and, of course, tend to bring into the office without realizing it).

“The main motive is to get the (professionals’) sense of threat down from their brains and help them work efficiently,” Fleming says. “Most of the executives don’t show their problems and behave like everything is fine, so, due to this suffering, they aren’t able to work (optimally).”

Grey Matters works to relieve clients’ pain points through specific meta-cognitive assessments & neurotechnological interventions to help entrepreneurs and executives create breakthroughs around a perceived problem in so-called reality; not just making a problem less problematic.  That would be a mere first-order change which Dr. Fleming notes is a half-truth’d way of making pseudo-change, for it doesn’t stick or change reality itself.  “Most people feel this profound “change of change” in one of our executive-friendly three- to five-day retreats,” Fleming notes, “while just a few people need more time to figure out (the right solutions) and relax the threat circuitry of their brains.”

The road ahead for Grey Matters

When asked about his plans for the future of Grey Matters, Dr. Fleming says he wants to stay quietly under the radar and just help people. He plans to open more branches of Grey Matters in the Middle East and eventually across the globe to help more people around the world.

If you own a business and often find it hard to manage work stress and personal life, reach out to Dr. Kevin Fleming of Grey Matters International for a mental health session.


Grey Matters International is an organization of change agents who are revolutionizing both the corporate hallways as well as the homes, relationships, and families of successful individuals who are tired of run-of-the-mill ”feel good” coaches, trainers, shrinks and self-help experts who don’t understand the high performing brain and the illusions of change. Bringing cutting edge decisional neuroscience to the concierge model of care, Grey Matters travels the world, customizing executive-level wellness solutions that “merge” these two worlds into a single plan of excellence and everyone’s ultimate goal: true, sustainable behavior change that “sticks.”